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Dearest Chichua,

There was never a dog braver, kinder or smarter than you. I loved to call you the Einstein of dogs. You tirelessly looked after Casa Magica as if it was your own. You protected it with your fearless courage.

You were always the first one to great new renters coming to stay at the house. You wagged your tail and let them know they were welcome. You could feel if they wanted a dog presence around or not and would always bow to their wishes.

You would go for long walks with whoever wanted to walk with you, you made everybody feel safe. You were so grateful for the food that was given to you and for the treats that everyone wanted to share with you.

You were the soul of Casa Magica, you were always happy no matter what. Your tail would wag from side to side from morning to night. You loved to sleep on your little bench but your ears would never miss a sound, they were at full attention as you felt you were always on duty.

Everybody loved you my sweetheart, they all wrote something about you in the Guest Book asking other renters to look after you. You were so appreciated by everyone who came to the house. Casa Magica’s previous renters wanted nothing better than to know that you were doing good. People came back to visit you, people wrote to me about you. One of the renters even painted your portrait.

You left no one untouched.... you were the magic of Casa Magica. So many lessons could be learned if we paid attention to the way you lived your life. Unconditional love, fearlessness, appreciation for the little things in life, protection of the ones you loved, sense of duty, discernment, always joyous, always working but willing to go for a walk and just enjoy the presence of the people who loved you.

I have never seen a dog like you and I never will. I loved you with all my heart and did whatever I could to make your life more comfortable through good food, treats and medical attention. You had a guardian angel in the presence of Cindy who loved you and was always there to take you to the best veterinarians to make sure you were healthy. Jose and Deysi looked out for you and loved you more than we could ever know.

I am so sorry I was not there for your last days, I am so sorry we were too late to save you but I am forever grateful that you did not leave this world alone. You left with a dear friend, Cindy, your guardian angel holding your paw, knowing that we did everything we could to save you.

Cindy then brought you home so you could be buried where you loved to live at Casa Magica.

May you rest in peace.

I love you now and I always will.


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